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Rigor and science on weight loss

Do you need to lose weight fast? Check PronoKal®.


PronoKal® is a weight loss treatment:

  • Lose weight up to:
    • 5 kg in 15 days
    • 13 kg in 2 months
    • 20 kg in 4 months
  • The patient does not feel hungry.
  • Weight loss takes place at the expense of fat mass.
  • Continuous monitoring throughout the treatment.
  • Prevents the yo-yo effect.
    • The goal of the method is not only lose weight but also keep it in the long run.
    • The patient has the support of a multidisciplinary team.
  • It is a completely secure method as it is done under medical supervision.
  • It is scientifically approved:
    • The PronoKal® Study, published in the cientific journal Endocrine, proves the efficacy and safety of treatment.
    • More than 350,000 patients treated.
  • Method for weight loss under medical control is based on a protein diet.
  • Reducing the intake of fats and sugars.
  • Promotes nutritional education in a three-step process:
    • Step 1: elimination of up to 80 % of overweight thanks to the combination of PronoKal® products and the permitted food.
    • Step 2: adaptation of new dietary habits and lifestyle that keeps achieved weight in the long run.
    • Step 3: maintenance under periodic monitoring of the patient to help sustain weight in our long-term goal.

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